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Sunset thru trees at river mouth

Living in Reel Time

After enjoying a much shorter winter, Tom and I are thrilled that Spring is showing her majestic charm so early in the year. Now that we live in Edenton, North Carolina, we spend the majority of our day working in the fresh air. After a winter’s rest, we find the nature’s display waking nothing short… Read More »Living in Reel Time

America & Our Floating Home at StillWater dock

Putting Down Roots

Got trees?? We do now! In our talks with the Edenton planning office, we were informed that we needed some sort of screen for along Rocky Hock Creek Road. After considering fencing options and scouting out various full grown trees, we decided to plant Leyland Cypress. It is a fast growing evergreen with a pyramidal… Read More »Putting Down Roots

Georgia in a deep snooze

Wishes do come true!

So, it is inevitable that Tom dismantles something everywhere we move. Over the years, he has saved remarkable pieces from disintegrating churches, granges, houses and barns. If pieces could verbalize their rich histories…..the stories would be priceless. Once again, Tom and I will be preserving the past and giving it new life in our humble… Read More »Wishes do come true!

Winter scene...smoke on the water

The Calm Before

Taking the winter to gather our thoughts on the larger projects ahead, we did many small tasks making the marina look markedly improved. First, we tackled the entry and driveway. Here potholes would make little ponds appear after rain. Truckloads of sand and gravel mix were delivered; to me it looked like a gigantic sand… Read More »The Calm Before

Tiffany sitting out trying to get close to Tundra Swan

A Southern Winter

So, I did do a little research on the Edenton weather prior to moving. The extent of my knowledge was the average winter temp is 34 degrees, summer temp is 89 degrees and that we were not in “Tornado Alley.” At the time, that sounded perfect to me, especially moving from Maine. Well, I must… Read More »A Southern Winter