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A Southern Winter

Winter snow view of marina from pilot house
Winter Wonderland view from Pilot House

So, I did do a little research on the Edenton weather prior to moving. The extent of my knowledge was the average winter temp is 34 degrees, summer temp is 89 degrees and that we were not in “Tornado Alley.” At the time, that sounded perfect to me, especially moving from Maine. Well, I must admit the 30’s is still colder than I prefer, but I can certainly handle the two inches of snow that fell. LOL

On America, electric heaters make it cozily warm in the main salon and galley, but there are chilly pockets in hallways and closets. It was a bit colder than I would have liked after taking a shower or waking up. I hear you saying “come on Tiffany, you don’t have anything to complain about!” And I agree, given my very comfy boat accomodations and exciting adventure. I’m not complaining, only telling you the reality of it all. Although next winter we will be in the house and I will have it toasty warm. I am looking forward to that very much!

Tom’s winter activities…..

Tom building floating dock
Mid-construction of floating dock

For “winter” excitement, Tom decided to build a floating dock with a two-fold purpose. He wanted to be able to pull pilings by himself and had plan for a contraption to accomplish this. Afterwards, he would float it in the basin fitted with a tiny cottage for rentals. From the warmth of the boat, I was pleased to watch as he built the dock and pulled piling after piling. He was quite happy to be productive, building and not freezing cold while doing it. His creation works fantastic! To date, Tom has removed 31 pilings and the basin and marina are beginning to come back to life!

Skid steer on finished floating dock
Weight test….Yes, it holds the skid steer!

Watch as Tom works on removing a 21′ piling from the marina basin.

Tiffany pulling pilings to shore after Tom removes them
Tiffany pulling pilings to ramp after they are removed by Tom

Tiffany’s winter activities…..

My “winter” excitement was watching over a thousand (no exaggeration) Tundra Swan that winter here from Canada and the Great Lakes. They are huge and beautiful, a symbol of everlasting love, and to see a bevy of swans is quite magical. They are the heaviest living bird native to North America with a wing span of 6-8 feet. One lone swan started to stay close to our basin, pond and yard. I watched it for a week, and tried to get close, but couldn’t. Because they mate for life, I thought mate died and it was in mourning. Unfortunately, I realized it wasn’t healthy and saw it get weaker and clumsy. Frantically, I acquired a large wardrobe box and found someone who knew how to care for such a creature. I worked up the courage to pick up the bird and load it into the car and then drove 1 1/2 hours to the Outer Banks. This story doesn’t have a happy ending, and my swan died. I cried lots. Trying to ease my pain, Tom told me that he would build me a pen and that I could rescue birds. In the end, I found I am not allowed, intense training and a license is required to work with wild birds. Being in the midst of so many creatures, the heartbreak of nature has been a little tough on me. Still, I forget and rally every time I find some sort of living thing that needs some care and love.

Tiffany sitting out trying to get close to Tundra Swan
Me….trying to get close to the Tundra Swan

Mookie kitty’s winter activities…..

Mookie kitty perched on a piling
Mookie kitty perched on her lookout!

Our little Mookie kitty is in heaven here with so much activity to track! She camouflages herself in plants and perches herself in trees and on pilings. Always watching intensely, with only the tip of her tail twitching. She prowls all night and sleeps all day. She is gone for hours, but always returns for some petting, dinner and love. I have found numerous tail ends of mice. I don’t know where the heads are, but I’m not going to think about it!?!

Mookie kitty sleeping in Tom's boat tool room
See you in the Spring!

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  1. As the temps start heading into the high 80s it’s refreshing to read about winter in Edenton. I’m so sorry about the swan:( No matter the time of year StillWater is a wonderful place!

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