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Meet America

mid 1800’s steamship called Comet

The Vessel

The photo above, of a mid 1800’s steamship called Comet, was the original “spark” of inspiration for Tom Joyal. As a master carpenter, antiques expert, and self-taught boat builder, there was something about its prominence that caught Tom’s eye and kept it in his mind for years.

When Tom had an opportunity to purchase a 58.6’ foot antique hull, all bets were off. He trucked the beloved hull to his architectural salvage business in Kennebunk, Maine where it say for 11 years, awaiting restoration.

In 2016, Tom made a promise to himself – he would bring his dream to life. Using his trademark style, he designed and crafted America paying homage to her roots – a tugboat inspired hull fused with the steamship in the original black and white photo (to the left). Tom had selected antique architectural pieces and salvaged wood to bring the vessel to life, making this boat his fifth and ultimate masterpiece.

The boat was christened January of 2009. America is available for educational and recreational excursions.