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What shall we do first?!?

Woods before clearing
Future house site

On the day after the delivery of the excavator, first sign of light and he’s off! Tom had spent the entire arrival day on it making paths, plucking trees and stacking brush. He has a vision in his head, which he attempts to describe to me. I don’t have the visual power he does, even with his explanations. I have that analytical mind, one that needs a detailed drawing….and this ruins the creativity for Tom. It’s best to give him creative license, he knows exactly what I love, and always delivers. Once again, he is inspired to create a masterpiece, this time with our landscape. He refers to it as being “in spirit.”

First task, clearing the land that was so thick with trees, pickies, vines and ticks you couldn’t walk through it. Many years ago, developers set out to build a 48 condos complex on the exact location Tom was working. They cleared, brought in hundreds of yards of fill and drew up plans. I can’t imagine how that would have looked, but it would have destroyed the peacefulness of this property. In 2008, the market crashed to their detriment, and to our benefit many years later. The property sat and grew to so much overgrowth and neglect, no one could envision much potential with it. No one but Tom & me, twelve years later!

Clearing house lot - trees down
Tom clearing house site

Excavator clearing with piles in background
Large pile of brush burning
Clearing progress with burning pile

To keep things fresh, Tom likes to mix it up, and usually has at least three projects going at once. On a day off from clearing, he decided we needed a covered outdoor space. He chose to build it off the boat stern so that we could have shelter from the weather when disembarking. Tom finished it in only a few hours, and for added charm he built it with a tin roof and hung our porch swing under it. I did my magic making it cozy. I added lots of fluffy pillows, large white wicker chairs, a side table, and a patterned outdoor rug. I hung oversized hanging baskets exploding with ferns and pots of purple violets and yellow pansies. This is currently my favorite spot. Cuddled on the porch swing listening to a symphony of rain drops on the tin is so relaxing. Add a few minutes of reading and I often doze off with Mookie kitty curled up next to me. 

Covered porch off America
Outdoor Southern Living
Tiffany with a bird on her shoulder
Winged friends

Tom and I are fast acclimating to a Southern way of life. The chirping birds, warm breezes and constant wildlife sightings lend a fast fondness for outdoor living. In the evenings, one of the sounds that thrills Tom the most is the song of the peepers. If you pair that with the deep throated croaking of bull frogs and hooting owls, you have a full chorus refrain all night long. We find it a perk of living in the country, six miles away from the center of town. The solitude, colorful sun rises, hazy sunsets and vast sky of bright stars are small pieces of God’s creation that feeds our soul. We have found paradise in this crazy world. 

Great Blue Heron fishing in the basin
Great Blue Heron in the basin
Tiffany holding a baby snapping turtle
Snapping Turtle rescued from the clearing
Water snake in the field
Water snake taking a slide to the pond
Tom’s favorite…the peepers in the evening

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    1. The poor little creature was stunned from hitting a window in the pilot house. I even applied the decals, but this one still hit. He was enjoying being on my shoulder and stayed for a little while. He eventually flew off….just needed a little recovery time.

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